Anyone know command line option to change Cobertura coverage output name via commandline? Currently I am getting coverage report file cobertura-coverage.xml in coverage folder with below command.I want to rename coverage report file name from cmd. Command: npx jest --coverageReporters=cobertura

Example: in python we use --cov-report=xml:$1 command line option Where =xml is type of report and $1 is argument in pipeline. Coverage report should be renamed as per name of $1.

  • There is a coverageDirectory option that you can pass in from the command line. Would that solve your issue? – Shafiq Jetha Jan 15 at 2:32
  • Nope didn't worked. – Johncena Jan 15 at 11:53
  • You might just need to have a separate step somewhere that renames the file manually. I don't think you can rename the file from jest, you can only change the output directory. – Shafiq Jetha Jan 15 at 13:06

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