I am tuning the hyperparameters using ray tune. The model is built in the tensorflow library, it occupies a large part of the available GPU memory. I noticed that every second call reports an out of memory error.It looks like the memory is being freed, you can see in the GPU memory usage graph, this is the moment between calls of consecutive trials, between which the OOM error occurred. I add that on smaller models I do not encounter this error and the graph looks the same.

How to deal with this out of memory error in every second trial ?

Memory usage graph


There's actually a utility that helps avoid this:


def tune_func(config):

tune.run(tune_func, resources_per_trial={"GPU": 1}, num_samples=10)
  • I tried this solution, I added this line at the beginning of my function and I get the same results, every second call ends with OOM Jan 15 at 7:23
  • Hmm is it possible that somehow GPU memory is being used due to deserialization?
    – richliaw
    Jan 15 at 20:51
  • For example, if you didn't call train and only did wait_for_gpu, does it still OOM?
    – richliaw
    Jan 15 at 20:58
  • Thank you for your reply the advice was useful, however the problem lay in using tensorflow earlier than as a trial. Additionally, the function wait_for_gpu had a bug, which I solved by creating the function from scratch. Jan 18 at 12:11

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