What's the difference between these two products?

Artifact Registry - https://cloud.google.com/artifact-registry/
Container Registry - https://cloud.google.com/container-registry/


Artifact Registry is simply a better version of Container Registry. Build artifact formats beyond container images are supported, including popular language and Debian-related packages.

As of this writing, only Docker image and Helm chart support are GA. (You have to sign up through this form to access the pre-GA functionality for Java (Maven/Gradle), Node (npm), Python (PEP 503), and Debian (APT) packages.)

Container Registry will still continue to work and will not go away soon. You can still use both services in the same project.

Here's the key differences:

  1. Artifact Registry supports multiple repositories per project. Repositories are separate and unique resources and you are required to create one before pushing an image. With this feature, you'll be able to give names, descriptions, and specific permissions on a repository so you can properly manage who can access your images.
  2. Artifact Registry has its own IAM permissions to access your repositories.
  3. Artifact Registry uses new hosts under pkg.dev rather than gcr.io.
  4. Container Registry is only multi regional but Artifact Registry supports multi regional or regional repositories.
  5. Artifact Registry has its own pricing. Users are charged for storage and network egress.
  • is it cheaper / simpler / better in any way to still use Container Registry for any reason for a new simple Cloud Run docker image? – Zaffer 2 days ago

Artifact Registry includes all the features of Container Registry (storing container images) as well as new features for language-specific artifact repositories.

From https://cloud.google.com/artifact-registry/docs/transition/transition-from-gcr

Artifact Registry is the evolution of Container Registry. As a fully-managed service with support for both container images and non-container artifacts, Artifact Registry extends the capabilities of Container Registry.

  • Add some use cases to your answer to show the benefits of Artifact Registry. – John Hanley Jan 14 at 19:57

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