Until recently we used the RSocrata package to download publicly available files from the data.medicare.gov website. A few months ago the datasets were moved to data.cms.gov and the former datasets are no longer available. I have tried to figure out how to accomplish the same thing with the data.cms.gov site without success.

fiveStarData <- fromJSON(file = 'https://data.cms.gov/provider-data/api/1/datastore/sql?query=%5BSELECT%20%2A%20FROM%20a23942b8-b28d-582b-8e92-a26141514a34%5D%3B')

the code above downloads the first 500 records and is generated by using the example at https://data.cms.gov/provider-data/dataset/djen-97ju

There is a csv version of the dataset produced each month but the url changes with each update. So far the best solution I can come up with is to download the metadata for the dataset

fromJSON(file = 'https://data.cms.gov/provider-data/dataset/djen-97ju')

which contains the most recent url, parse the results, and then use the latest url to download the data I need. Wondering if anyone has found a less onerous way to accomplish this. Not stuck on using R to accomplish this, that is just the language used for the code I inherited.

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