I want to build a simple idea plugin, which will detect the changes of a kind of file, then convert them to another format.

Current, I use such code to do this:

VirtualFileManager.getInstance().addVirtualFileListener(new VirtualFileAdapter() {
    public void contentsChanged(VirtualFileEvent event) {
         // do something

It works, but not efficient.

I found this article says:

The most efficient way to listen to VFS events is to implement the BulkFileListener interface and to subscribe with it to the VirtualFileManager.VFS_CHANGES topic.

But I can't find any example to implement it. How to do that?


I guess you'll have found the answer by now, but for others it seems to work like this

public class A implements ApplicationComponent, BulkFileListener {

    private final MessageBusConnection connection;

    public A() {
        connection = ApplicationManager.getApplication().getMessageBus().connect();

    public void initComponent() {
        connection.subscribe(VirtualFileManager.VFS_CHANGES, this);

    public void disposeComponent() {

    public void before(List<? extends VFileEvent> events) {
        // ...

    public void after(List<? extends VFileEvent> events) {
        // ...

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  • This detects for every action not only save – Athif Shaffy Aug 12 '17 at 14:45

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