I have the following json file:

  "data": {
    "allPost": {
      "edges": [
          "node": {
            "slug": "fp-cheat-sheet",
            "labels": [
          "node": {
            "slug": "nlp-101",
            "labels": [
              "DATA SCIENCE",

I am writing a shell script to extract info for each edge, using JQ. From each edge, which is an array, I am able to extract slugs which is a string, but not labels which is again an array:

readarray -t slugs < <(cat ${json_file_name} | jq .data.allPost.edges[].node.slug)

readarray -t tags < <(cat ${json_file_name} | jq .data.allPost.edges[].node.labels)

echo ${slugs[1]}
# successfully prints '"nlp-101"'

echo ${tags[1]}
# wrongly prints '"FUNCTIONAL PROGRAMMING",'

I want to extract labels for each post and print it in a file in the exact same format. e.g. for echo ${tags[1]} I want it to print:


How can I fix the above code to extract labels from the above JSON as desired?


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Invoke JQ with the -c flag so that it prints each array in a single line.

$ readarray -t tags < <(jq -c '.data.allPost.edges[].node.labels' file)
$ echo "${tags[1]}"

Can be done with a single jq call and clever use of ASCII RS delimiter:

#!/usr/bin/env bash


read -r -d '' jqscript <<JQSCRIPT
.data.allPost.edges[].node.slug + "\u001e",
  .data.allPost.edges[].node.labels | tostring
) + "\u001e"

  IFS=$'\x1e' read -r -d '' -a slugs
  IFS=$'\x1e' read -r -d '' -a tags
} < <(
  jq -j "$jqscript" "$json_file_name"

declare -p slugs tags

echo "${tags[1]}"

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