Currently I have example code which looks like

git clone repo/ ./tmp
mv ./tmp/* .

When using * it doesn't include dotfiles

How can I include dotfiles by using *

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The short version is that you can't. File globbing (*) doesn't include dot-files, so you'd need to modify your shell's code to support that behavior (or refuse to support the existing behavior, more likely), which you're probably not going to do and you definitely don't want to do, because of the two dot-files in every directory, . and .., that'll get you into trouble.

Instead, you'll want to move the files separately, something like:

mv ./tmp/* .
mv ./tmp/.??* .

The second line globs dot-files that aren't just the current or parent directory.

If you (for whatever reason) need this to happen in one command or have more sophisticated criteria to work with, you might want to investigate find's -exec argument, which lets you run a command against pretty much any file list generated by time, contents, name, or a variety of other characteristics.


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