There is such an extension in VS: TeX Comments and the example:

enter image description here

I wonder if it's possible to do this in VS Code?

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Currently there is no extension for VSCode that does that, it may possible though see: issue.

A good starting point will be to use something like: LaTeX Workshop's preview to display/overlay them over comments or something like that.


Comments in vscode support unicode characters. For easy conversion, you can use tools that convert tex symbols to unicode. An example of such is:


As an alternative, you can search through the supported unicode characters for what you are seeking. For instance:

suppose you have:

x^2 + y^2 = 1 +dx^2y^2

It is the case that each of these symbols exist in the list of supported unicode characters:

𝑥² + 𝑦² = 1 + 𝑑𝑥²𝑦²

Full tex rendering is only supported externally by extentensions, as you can see in the tex comments extension that you linked to.

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You can try the Mathover extension.

You can write your formulas in LaTeX and they get rendered when hovering over them.

Two remarks:

  • They are not "permanently" shown rendered in your source code as it seems to be the case with TeX Comments
  • The project didn't have any commits for the past 4 years (GitHub) but seems to work fine so far.

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