I have some components inside a TVertScroll, inside there is also a tListBox with ListStyle = horizontal.

Screen scrolling works up or down correctly when selecting the other components, except when I select the TListbox.

Does anyone have any idea how to transfer the screen scroll control up or down when TListBox is selected for the TVertScroll.

  • I think you need to provide more details. Please edit your post and add a minimal reproducible example. Most importantly the .fmx content, so we can see the relation between components and their settings. Cut down your example to the minimum that reproduces the problem, including the events related to scrolling. – Tom Brunberg Jan 18 at 22:43
  • I edited the tags and removed corresponding info from the title. The tagging system works well on this site, and is therefore preferred instead of writing that info in the title or text. Concerning FMX projects, it might be a good idea to indicate target platforms. – Tom Brunberg Jan 18 at 23:00

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