Can anybody help me with folder creation on my HTTP server (It is SanDisk Connect WiFi)

SanDisk has a own address :

I am able by Indy from Android to do follow :

  • download files from ->> IdHTTP1.Get
  • upload separated files to ->> IdHTTP1.Put
  • delete files on HTTP ->> IdHttp1.Delete('',TStringStream.Create(''));

But I can not find methode, how to create DIRECTORY (FOLDER) .

Can anybody has a better experiences as I ?

Thank you a lot for your help

  • The HTTP protocol has no commands for creating folders. You will likely need to POST to a server-side script that then creates the folder. – Remy Lebeau Jan 19 at 3:06
  • You may want to try MKCOL. – Julian Reschke Jan 19 at 5:27
  • Thanks for the tips to all. Please , do U have any example with POST? Or any example with MKCOL ? Really thaks for your help! – jarda chadim Jan 19 at 18:29

Creation of a folder at HTTP server side requires that the server support the WEBDAV protocol which is an extension of the HTTP protocol.

At client side, Indy in your case, you have to send the MKCOL command to the HTTP server. Indy has a TIdWebDAV component, which has a DAVMakeCollection() method for sending a MKCOL command.

Note: WebDav is described in this specifications but not all servers implement it.


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