I am trying to add temp_file_limit parameter to my Postgres DB via Play Framework (Version 2.7) configs. I tried adding parameters to application.conf as below, but that does not limit temp file size that Postgres DB processes.

db.postgresql.temp_file_limit = 10KB - Not working

temp_file_limit = 10KB - Not working

db.default.temp_file_limit = 10KB - Not working

My current Postgres settings in application.conf are as follows (which are working fine).

db.postgresql.driver = org.postgresql.Driver
db.postgresql.url = "jdbc:postgresql://localhost:5432/postgres"
db.postgresql.username = postgres
db.postgresql.password = XXXXXXXXXXX

Below are the description of above parameter and other similar parameters of Postgres. https://postgresqlco.nf/doc/en/param/temp_file_limit/

I know we can set those parameters with SET xxx queries, but I would like to set it as a config in application.conf if possible.

Does anyone know how to configure temp_file_limit Postgres parameter in application.conf of Play Framework?

  • have you tried without KB? db.postgresql.temp_file_limit = 10 – eth4io Jan 19 at 3:31
  • Thanks @eth4io Unfortunately it also does not limit temp file size that Postgres processes. – Arosha Jan 19 at 4:40
  • Just an update on this, It still did not work to set that parameter in application.conf, but it is working when I add to it to postgresql.conf – Arosha Jan 23 at 9:18

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