How can I change the height of A richedit, so that the text is fully displayed and the scrollbar disapears. Thanks


You can assign the RichEdit height property so that it is big enough.

RichEdit1.Height := Max(MinHeight, RichEdit1.Lines.Count * LineHeight);

MinHeight is the minimum heigth you accept (for example empty RichEdit). LineHeight is the mean heigth of the lines. Depends on the font height and content of the RichEdit which is potentially highly variable.

The question you have not asked "How to get text extent in a RichEdit" is answered here.

  • Thanks but how we calculate LineHeight parameter? – Amir Tofighi Jan 19 at 9:18
  • 1
    @AmirTofighi: That is exactly what is explained in the linked answer. – Andreas Rejbrand Jan 19 at 10:24

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