I try to pass an object to my backend (spring boot), but it doesn't work. I have other post method and they work. I don't understand what I am missing.


XNIO-1 task-1] o.z.problem.spring.common.AdviceTraits   : Method Not Allowed: Request method 'POST' not supported

Front-end (angular):


  create(report: IReport): Observable<HttpResponse<any>> {
    return this.http.post<IReport>(this.resourceUrl, report, { observe: 'response' });


export class Report implements IReport {
    public companiesId?: number[],
    public jobsId?: number[],
    public customersId?: number[],
    public usersId?: number[],
    public dates?: Moment[],
    public projectsId?: number[]
  ) {}



public class ReportRessource {
    private final Logger log = LoggerFactory.getLogger(ReportRessource.class);

    private String applicationName;

    private static final String NAME = "report";

    private ReportService reportService;

    public ReportRessource(ReportService reportService) {
        this.reportService = reportService;


    "hasAnyAuthority(\"" +
    AuthoritiesConstants.ADMIN +
    "\"+\"," +
    AuthoritiesConstants.CUSTOMER_ADMIN +
    "\"+\"," +
    AuthoritiesConstants.INSPECTOR +

public ResponseEntity<Boolean> createFullReport( @RequestBody ReportDTO report) throws URISyntaxException, IOException {
log.debug("REPORTDTO : {}", report);

return ResponseEntity
    .headers(HeaderUtil.createEntityCreationAlert(applicationName, true, NAME, report.toString()))



import java.time.LocalDate;
import java.util.HashSet;
import java.util.Set;

public class ReportDTO {
    private Set<Long> companiesId = new HashSet<>();
    private Set<Long> jobsId = new HashSet<>();
    private Set<Long> customersId = new HashSet<>();
    private Set<Long> usersId = new HashSet<>();
    private Set<LocalDate> dates = new HashSet<>();
    private Set<Long> projectsId = new HashSet<>();

    public ReportDTO() {
        // Empty constructor needed for Jackson.

I don't now where should I search. Any idea? Thank you!


Problem => "report}" should be "report"

  • are you using springSecurityFilterChain? – yusuf hayırsever Jan 19 at 10:35
  • Yes I am, do you have a clue? – Girbouillle Jan 19 at 10:40
  • 1
    Is the value "/report}" in your PostMapping copied from your code? Because that closing brace doesn't really belong there. – daniu Jan 19 at 10:49
  • Sorry I was blind. Thank you, it was the issue... Shame on me. – Girbouillle Jan 19 at 10:52

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