If I use the command line to run msbuild like this: msbuild myproject.dproj /t:Clean;Build /p:Config=Release /p:Platform=Win32 is there a way for the command line to get the value of where the actual exe of that command will be?

  • I think properties are accessed with $() e.g. $(MSBuildToolsPath) and can be be used in the msbuild xml. – npocmaka Jan 19 at 15:05
  • I know that properties can be used like that but is there a way for the command line to read a particular value (i.e DCC_ExeOutput) for a given $(Platform)\$(configuration)? – R. J. Jan 19 at 19:23
  • I'm not sure what exactly you need. You want to read some property from file/environment variable and use it in a command line? – npocmaka Jan 19 at 19:38
  • I want to read the output path as msbuild sees it when msbuild is passed the different platform/config values. MSBuild knows where to place the exe from the specifications either passed into it from the command line or the project options. Is there any way to pass what msbuild knows out to the command line? – R. J. Jan 19 at 21:21

You should write a custom target to get that value.

First, add this target into the myproject.dproj

<Target Name="GetOutputValue">  
<Message Importance="high" Text="$(DCC_ExeOutput)"></Message>

Then, directly use this command to invoke the GetOutputValue target to get that value.

msbuild myproject.dproj /t:GetOutputValue

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