Suppose I have a Lighttp server with the default preset and PHP enabled. The server is running on the Linux machine and has only one file (index.php) in the /var/www directory. With that being said, will those two requests:

  1. http://website.com/?var=1
  2. http://website.com/index.php?var=1

produce an identical output? Could they be treated as the same request (in this exact case)?

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    It depends on the server, if rewrite url is enable it is the same. – Pascal Tovohery Jan 20 at 11:59
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    For an index.php script, there should be no difference. Without some routing system in place (like in frameworks), when given a URL like http://website.com/, index.php should be assumed. All that being said, what stops you from trying it? – El_Vanja Jan 20 at 12:18

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