I want to develop a small game in Android. But for this I need to get animation into my Android project. Can I use blender to create animations and then port it into Android. If not then what other software can I use to create animation on Android. Are there any tutorials for this on the net.


With blender you can export your mesh/animation to a number of file formats. Your Android application must now be able to read the file format you have exported the animation with. A common file format blender is capable of to export is .obj. This article describes the implementation of an .obj file loader.

This is an excellent example for an mesh loader.

Here you can find some other links.


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  • Thanks a lot.Will try to implement it. – Sab Jul 7 '11 at 0:43

You can play with blender animations in Unity3D which runs on Android

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I wanted to do the same : animate in blender and be able to do a 3D app for Android. I ended up choosing Unity3D which is really great : you build your animation in Blender and you export it to Unity. Then in Unity you can code your application and export a .apk :)

Cheers, bRo

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