I have code which queries a database, like this:

uses Data.DB, Data.Win.ADODB;

// ...

  cmd: TAdoCommand;
  r: _Recordset;
  firstName: string;

  cmd := TAdoCommand.Create(nil);
    cmd.ConnectionString := 'Server=dbServer;Database=master';
    cmd.CommandText := 'select FirstName from customers where id=123';
    r := cmd.Execute;
    firstName := '';
    if not r.EOF then firstName := r.Fields.Item['FirstName'].Value

  // ...

This works but I'm wondering if it's not the ideal way to write it, because of the underscore at the beginning of the _Recordset type. It seems like the underscore is telling me that this type is "internal" in some way and not to be used in standard code.

Is there a more standard way to write this kind of code? If not, why is the underscore there?

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    Probably just to avoid a name clash. Does it clarify if you "Ctrl - left click" on _Recordset? – Tom Brunberg Jan 21 at 6:17
  • I was a bit surprised how difficult it was to find complete sample code on how to query a table and iterate through the results. Sample code on passing in parameters was also hard to find. – JoelFan Jan 21 at 20:58

If you add Winapi.ADOInt to the use clause, you can remove the underscore and use RecordSet.

This is because in Data.Win.ADODB we have:

 _Recordset = Winapi.ADOInt.Recordset;

and in Winapi.ADOInt we have:

Recordset = _Recordset;
_Recordset = interface(Recordset21)

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