public static String getCurrentUserId() {
    SecurityContext securityContext = SecurityContextHolder.getContext();
    Authentication authentication = securityContext.getAuthentication();
    String login = null;
    if (authentication != null) {
        if (authentication.getPrincipal() instanceof UserDetails)
            login = ((UserDetails) authentication.getPrincipal()).getUsername();
        else if (authentication.getPrincipal() instanceof String)
            login = (String) authentication.getPrincipal();

    return login;

I used above way to get user name. But I want to get logged user ID. Can I get that from SecurityUtils.java.

  • Have you tried using getUserWithAuthorities() method from UserService? Please edit your question with more details like which authentication type you're using and which context you want to get this id. – Gaël Marziou Jan 21 at 13:05

You can get it:

  String userLogin = SecurityUtils.getCurrentUserLogin().orElseThrow(() -> new 
    AccountResourceException("Current user login not found"));
  Optional<User> user = userRepository.findOneByLogin(userLogin);
  user.get().getId() <--- this is the ID

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