We have memory problems when we create a lot of back microservices with 6.10.5 jhipsther springboot (each one with one or two entities).

My questions are:

  1. What is the minimum memory necessary for SpringBoot backend jhipster 6.10.5?
  2. And with jhipster quarkus?
  3. Any alternative, we need have a lot of little microservices...
  4. In my example, springboot, can we reduce the memory? Any idea?

An example the last microservice with springboot in his startup:

  • Needs => docker memory param: 512m
    With jconsole I can see in startup:
    194M NonHeap
    69 HEAP
    258M total => x 2 = 512m RAM

This microservice have:

  • 2 entities
  • Elastic connector
  • JPA with DB2 driver
  • Kafka listener (connector)
  • Hazelcast
  • Connected to Jhipster Registry

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