I have a project that has 188200 lines (code size: 5.2MB) that builds in 4.0 sec.

Another project that is 4.8x larger (900900 lines, code size 22MB) compiles in 70.8 sec (similar speed on 64/32bit compiler).

Since the Delphi compiler parses the code in one step, why the compilation speed is not linear (or close to linear) with the amount of code?
70sec is quite far away from the speed promised by Embarcadero (5 sec).

Using Delphi Sydney (that is v10.4.1 for those like me that lost track of which Delphi is which).

CPU: AMD FX 4GHz 8cores
RAM: 32GB (fast ram)
SSD: Samsung 840EVO
No antivirus (except Windows Defender)
Everything compiles in one code. The other 7 cores are free.

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    Do you have cyclic unit dependencies in any of these projects? – Uwe Raabe Jan 21 at 15:59
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    It depends also on the performance of your computer. Are you using HDD or SSD? Do you have 16GB or more RAM? Do you have an anti-virus active? Not all HDD not all SSD are equals, speed vary a lot. – fpiette Jan 21 at 16:14
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    In regards to cyclic unit dependencies I would note Model Maker Code Explorer (MMX) has a Unit Dependency Analyzer. mmx-delphi.de/articles/unit-dependency-analyzer MMX is maintained by Uwe Raabe these days and is available for free. – Brian Jan 21 at 19:51
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    @Gravity In fact back in the days I started learning programming in C++ where on my old 100 Mhz AMD K5 computer it took whole two minutes to compile simple "Hello world" console application. But once I installed Delphi on that same computer I was amazed that I could build a complex GUI based applications in less time than that. To tell you the truth before I stumbled on Delphi I was actually thinking about gutting my desire to learn programming because waiting about 2 mins for slightest change made to code was simply to hard. – SilverWarior Feb 7 at 14:51
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    @Gravity What I love about Delphi is that if you are insistent it will let you shot yourself into the foot just as C++ will. Yes you can go play with pointers and pointer math in Delphi if you wish so. Heck you can do even something that many C++ compilers won't let you do. You can go and insert assembly code directly into your application source code. And while Delphi will try to warn you about bad practices that you use in your code it will not do any checking on the inserted ASM code. So in a way Delphi will allow you to shoot something more important than just your foot. – SilverWarior Feb 8 at 21:48

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