Since unit quaternion q=q0+qv(norm(q)=1)is convenient to represent rotations, this representation way will have 4 parameters.Could I use the vector part of unit quaternion, which is qv to represent the rotations? which will use 3 parameters to present rotations.

Question1:If yes, are there any restrictions?For example, the first element of the unit quaternion have to be 0?

Right now I have a estimator for my quadcopter dynamics and I use 3-parameters vector quaternion to represent the rotation. For how I implement the quaternion multiplication in Matlab, it shows as follows:

function [r] = vec_quat_multiply(p,q)
%vector quaternion multiplycation 



p0=sqrt(1-(p1^2+p2^2+p3^2)); q0=sqrt(1-(q1^2+q2^2+q3^2));

r=[p0q0-p1q1-p2q2-p3q3; p0q1+q0p1+p2q3-p3q2; p0q2+q0p2+p3q1-p1q3; p0q3+q0p3+p1q2-p2q1;];

r0=r(1)/norm(r); r1=r(2)/norm(r); r2=r(3)/norm(r); r3=r(4)/norm(r);



Question2: If I use the the function like above,and Over time, due to the problem of calculation accuracy, when I calculate the first element of a unit quaternion(p0=sqrt(1−(p12+p22+p32));q0=sqrt(1−(q12+q22+q32));use these two lines to implement it), sometimes an imaginary number is returned. What should I do?

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