Delphi DLL:

function fTestExample(s: PChar): PChar;
result:result send value+ok
s[in]:string test

How can I use Python ctypes to call this function?

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    What version of Delphi is the DLL written in? PChar is PAnsiChar in D2007 and earlier, but is PWideChar in D2009 and later. That affects how other languages can exchange data with the DLL. Also, there is no calling convention specified on the function, so Delphi's default register convention will be used, which is not compatible with other programming languages. The function needs to use either cdecl or stdcall when interacting with other languages. – Remy Lebeau Jan 22 at 5:44
  • The other problem is the design of the function's memory allocation. How is the returned string to be deallocated. – David Heffernan Jan 22 at 7:56
  • As for ctypes, the library is documented with many examples. If you want to learn about ctypes, then start there. – David Heffernan Jan 22 at 7:57

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