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Delphi Printer Access

Now we need to handle one more case of network printer with specific IP say xx.xx.x.x . How Do we access Network printer from Delphi for Rewrite function?

I did sample app with this code and it works for all printers:


 for liIndex := 0 to lsLines.Count-1 do
    Writeln(lOutputFile, lsLines[liIndex]);


On click of f7 on CloseFile(lOutputFile); in sample app, control goes nowhere and printing works.

When I integrated my code in the main application On click of f7 on CloseFile(lOutputFile) it goes got o Devexpress files and its not printing.

kindly suggest.

  • In your other question I showed you how to print with the spooler API, use that! – Delphi Coder Jan 22 at 9:49

Windows can access network printers. See the documentation.

Once the printer is installed, your application can access that printer just like any other [local] printer.

Use a fully qualified function name: System.CloseFile(lOutputFile);

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