How do I set initialValues on ant design? I want response.data(as shown on console.log) to be my initialValues on my Form.

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HERE IS MY OLD CODE My codeForm && console.log enter image description here

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The Form component does not re-render when the initial values change. So when your component mounts there is no response from the API yet and therefore the form is initialized with empty values (before API response is returned).

The sequence right now is like this

  1. Form component mounts and you also make API request ideally in componentDidMount
  2. It takes data from initialValues prop, which is empty since API response is not yet received.
  3. API request completes and now you have data in state, but even if the state of your component updates, the Form component from Ant Design will not re-render because it already received the initialValues on mount.

You should hide the form and ideally show a loader while the initial data is still being fetched. The code will look something like this

if(isLoading) return <div>Loading...</div>

else return <Form 
              // Rest of your component code 

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