How to create a dynamic manifest in Ionic 3, or just replace the start_url? For instance I have the URL https://apptest.web.app/?code=1111. So I want to replace the start_url dynamically changing the code to another number. Or how can I create another manifest with the new start_url, like https://apptest.web.app/?code=2222?

The manifest is like this:

  "name": "Name of the App",

  "short_name": "APP",

  "start_url": "/",

  "display": "standalone",

  "icons": [{
    "src": "assets/imgs/logo.png",
    "sizes": "512x512",
    "type": "image/png"

  "background_color": "#4e8ef7",

  "theme_color": "#4e8ef7"


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