select FIELD from (show columns FROM users)

This seems like it should work, since show columns is displaying a table of information about the table, however. I don't really understand why this wouldn't display properly, but regardless this may not be the easiest method to extract this information.

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You can get the column names, types, and other meta-information from the information schema database. Example:

mysql> select column_name from information_schema.columns where table_schema='test' and table_name='t3';
| column_name |
| col1        |
| col2        |
| col3        |
| col4        |
| col5        |
5 rows in set (0.00 sec)
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    +1 and FWIW all the "SHOW" commands that show metadata are just aliases to information_schema queries in modern versions of MySQL. Just in case anyone worries that querying information_schema is somehow less efficient than SHOW commands. Jul 5, 2011 at 16:32
  • Perfect, thanks. I thought I was being clever with my original syntax, but it just didn't work the way I had imagined. This is as clear cut as I could have hoped. Jul 5, 2011 at 16:44

If you're just looking for the table information you can use:


If you're looking to actually get the data back in a select, you can use the information_schema.columns table:

select column_name 
  from information_schema.columns 
 where table_name="users" 
   and table_schema = database();

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