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How do i make OnChange event fire when the text in the combobox changes?

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I am using IAutoComplete2 to add an "auto-suggest" (i.e. drop-down) list to a Combobox.

As the user selects different options in the suggestion list, the text in the combobox changes, but unfortunately no OnChange event fires:

When attaching the AutoComplete to a naked TEdit the OnChange event is fired.

function SHAutoCompleteComboShell(AComboBox: TComboBox): IAutoComplete2;
    cbi: TComboBoxInfo;
    hEdit: HWND; //A handle to the edit box.
    strings: IEnumString;
    ac: IAutoComplete2;
    Default_TComboBoxInfo: TComboBoxInfo = ();
    //Example public domain pseudocode on how to autocomplete a combobox. 
    Result := nil;
    if AComboBox = nil then

    //Get the EDIT control inside the Combobox
    cbi := Default_TComboBoxInfo;
    cbi.cbSize := sizeof(TComboBoxInfo);
    if not GetComboBoxInfo(AComboBox.Handle, {var}cbi) then
    hEdit := cbi.hwndItem; //A handle to the edit box.
    if hEdit = 0 then

    //Suggest strings from the shell namespace
    strings := CreateComObject(CLSID_ACListISF) as IEnumString;

    ac:= CreateComObject(CLSID_IAutoComplete) as IAutoComplete2;
    ac.Init(hEdit, strings, nil, nil);

    Result := ac;

Even as the user does the final Enter to select an option, the TComboBox's OnChange still never fires.

I assume the Windows Edit control is sending an EN_CHANGE notification message that its text has changed; but the TComboBox isn't caring.

The TComboBox is, of course, in csDropDown style (otherwise why would i be asking the question).

Tried in Delphi 5, Delphi XE6


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