Is it possible to sort the result of function range query without passing the function itself in the Sort parameter? e.g.,

{!frange l=0.0 u=10000.0}sub(field(payment_double_mv,max),product(field(payment_double_mv,min),min(sub(field(price_double),2500),min(max(0.000000,field(deposit_double_mv,min)),field(deposit_double_mv,max)))))

i want the value of the function sub(field(payment_double_mv,max),product(field(payment_double_mv,min),min(sub(field(price_double),2500),min(max(0.000000,field(deposit_double_mv,min)),field(deposit_double_mv,max))))) sorted (asc or desc) but without passing this function to sort parameter. I suppose if I pass this function in Sort parameter, Solr/Lucene will re-compute this function and sort the docs accordingly.

Is it possible to prevent the re-computation in sort by considering the value computed in frange query's function itself?

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