I am trying to specify a controlsource. I basically just create a text field in a report, use the build tool to find the relevant field from a subreport/query, and then set it. I know the path is right for the control source because I am not typing it myself, I am selecting it.

The field I am referencing still exists and is actually located where the controlsource is pointing. But for some reason, I get this error. It doesn't make sense.

Can anyone please help?


Try naming the control differently from source name. For example, if you have field in the source called "Name", give the control name "Name_Textbox". Just to make sure you have two different names (source vs. control). I think I had these problems in previous versions of MS Access (e.g. 2003).


I've seen that error (long time ago) and managed to fix it, IIRC, by wrapping the fully qualified name in brackets, e.g. [source table].[column name]. Something to try at any rate.

  • Yeah, I tried that but it still doesn't work. Thanks though – jerry Jul 5 '11 at 19:40

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