TALEND : while moving employee data from source to target I want to remove duplicates and move them to separate file

  • Hi - whats your definition of duplicate? Same employee id or identical values in every field of the employee records? When there is a duplicate do you want to move all the records for that employee to a separate file or 1 record to the main target and any others to the separate file; if so, which of the records goes to which target?
    – NickW
    Jan 25, 2021 at 14:30

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Exactly if the full record is same its a duplicate

like there could be 2 scenarios

  1. duplicate records in the source file
  2. Duplicate records in the source file when compared with existing table.

duplicate in source file : if there are 3 duplicate records catch the first record and move it to target and other 2 move them to another file (may be u shd add a surrogate key to identify them uniquely)

duplicate rec compared with table data : compare each rec with table data and if its duplicate move it to another file

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