I want to test PostgreSQL performance by running the TPROC-H benchmark on different servers. These servers have different CPU cores count and RAM size. Most of the guides for tuning PostgreSQL are meant for production servers, so I am not sure if, for example, the "configure shared_buffers parameter to 25% of the RAM size" rule is effective if I am renting a dedicated CPU just for running the tests.

According the official documentation for HammerDB, the following parameters should be configured:

work_mem = 1000MB

max_worker_processes = 16

max_parallel_workers_per_gather = 16

force_parallel_mode = on

Does this apply even if one of the servers has a RAM size of 1GB and one core? I have never done this before and I am not sure if I should configure the parameters in the postgresql.conf file according to the standard guides or take a different approach since I am testing and not tuning it for production.

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    Tuning is a procedure where you identify a bottleneck or limitation and then improve it. So you need to run your benchmark and collect data, then you can tune. – Laurenz Albe Jan 25 at 20:08

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