This is such a noddy question, but I'm struggling to particularly install libadalang which (to avoid X-Y problem) came from me having a working Gnatstudio, installing ada webserver, then I couldn't start Gnatstudio as it required libadalang.so. So I tried to install libadalang and am currently getting failures of the form

libadalang-iterators-extensions.ads:29:29: file "langkit_support-symbols-precomputed.ads" not found

So I've spammed my /opt/GNAT/2020 with installing langkit everywhere that looks likely.


And still the installer for libadalang doesn't work.

Clearly something going on with paths here that I'm not getting. Can anyone provide any information on how paths are supposed to work as I need to install a number of other ada and SPARK-ada libraries from github and I want to do it correctly.


I think, the simplest way to restore GNAT Studio is to delete everything and reinstall. The GNAT Studio has its-own copy of libadalang/langkit. Look for


When you install a developer version of libadalang you will get another copy of these files. They could have a different version.

I would suggest you to install GNAT Studio into a dedicated directory and make sure you launch it with a shell script from the bin (bin/gnatstudio). This way it shouldn't be affected by any other installed libraries.

Installing AWS shouldn't break GNAT Studio installation. If you know how to reproduce, please report to AdaCore.

  • You are correct -- libadalang.so is in the /path/lib/gnatstudio/ directory. So will reinstail and hope that in some way fixes things. Would you mind also illustrating the correct path to install to if my GNAT is installed in /opt/GNAT/ please? – David Boshton Jan 26 at 14:25

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