From the meigk/pkcs11 package. Is there any way to assign a negative value in the Login function as userType? Because the HSM model that I'm working with, supports one more additional role except for the following standard roles and I want to login with that role.

Standard roles:

CKU_SO               uint = 0
CKU_USER             uint = 1

Login function source code from https://github.com/miekg/pkcs11/

func (c *Ctx) Login(sh SessionHandle, userType uint, pin string) error {
    p := C.CString(pin)
    defer C.free(unsafe.Pointer(p))
    e := C.Login(c.ctx, C.CK_SESSION_HANDLE(sh), C.CK_USER_TYPE(userType), p, C.CK_ULONG(len(pin)))
    return toError(e)

In the C#. I have using the PKCS11Interop package and its login function also accepts only for the uint parameter as userType. But it can be done by using the unchecked keyword. So I can put the negative value in the Login function without an error.

Here is my sample code in C# using https://github.com/Pkcs11Interop

public enum SpecialRole
   CU = -12345
session.Login(unchecked((CKU)SpecialRole.CU), Settings.CryptoUserPin);

Then, how can I do this in Go? Kindly suggest.

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If type of the parameter is uint, you can only pass values that are assignable to the type uint (as stated in Spec: Calls). And the valid range of uint does not include negative numbers.

What you may do is convert your negative value to uint. Converting a negative int to uint is roughly equivalent to subtracting the absolute value from the max value of int plus 1. So if your other constants are small, this won't cause a collision.

For example:

func main() {
    f(math.MaxUint64+1 -10)

    x := -10

func f(i uint) {

This will output (try it on the Go Playground):


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