I am new to Embarcadero C++ Builder and am using 10.3 community version. Does anyone know how to "go to definition" for my Windows console program? I've tried the Pre-compiled Header Wizard but it stucked at showing this error message:

Invalid token "EOF" on line 28, column 0. Valid tokens: "File " Please correct errors before re-running the wizard, or select "Load from cache" on the previous page.

I've tried to search online but came up with nothing. Any tips would be very helpful. Thanks!

  • I am using much older BDS2006 IDE so I was reluctant to touch this question as in newer IDE things might be different and there are plenty more qualified active users for this then me however no answers yet so... If by definition you mean source code (with main()) then this is what works in my IDE: use view unit icon (CTRL+F12) or open manually using (ALT+Enter) while cursor is on empty space of code view. if yo not sure which file it is see Project/AddToProject where should be all source files (except project file) listed. If you want project file use project/ViewSource – Spektre Feb 4 at 7:54

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