So I have a few AdaCore github libraries I need to clone and include in my project. However; they are not being picked up by GNAT studio -- cannot cross reference or build my project with them as they are not found. The particular one I'm dealing with at the moment is aws but I have a number of others I need to use so would like to spot my error before spending yet more time trying to fix this.

Note I followed the install process on aws, and this is on Ubuntu 20.04 using the latest GPL edition of GNAT from the AdaCore site.

So I need to know the correct paths where they should be in my installation.

  1. You can check if a library is properly installed with command gprinstall --list If aws is on the list, then everything is ok, you can go to step 2. If not, please check once more the installation documentation.
  2. I don't remember the UI of GNAT Studio, but you can edit your project file (this one which ends with extension .gpr, for example: myproject.gpr) in a text editor too. At the top of the project file add line with aws; (if you want to add aws library to your project) so GNAT can find the library. If you want to add another libraries, just add them under with aws; in similar manner. You can find their names by using gprinstall --list command.

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