I am thinking of how I can fetch fileId or ownerId or any custom attribute in any or all wsdl methods. I am thinking to create generic qbwc file.

    <?xml version="1.0"?>
 <AppURL>http://localhost:8000/wsdl </AppURL>
 <AppDescription>A short description for WCWebService1</AppDescription>
 <FileID>{90A 44FB5-33D9-4815-AC85-BC87A7E7D1EB}</FileID>

Not sure how to get those attribute. Was able to get ticketid in all of them but that is random uuid creating after auth.

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Take a look at https://developer.intuit.com/app/developer/qbdesktop/docs/api-reference/qbdesktop/companyquery

You can add OwnerID to the Company Query and you should receive it on the DataExtRet key on the response

        <IncludeRetElement >STRTYPE</IncludeRetElement> <!-- optional, may repeat -->
        <OwnerID >GUIDTYPE</OwnerID> <!-- optional, may repeat -->

In my case, I opted to use a JWT for the password so I'm using that to identify the user and issue a session JWT (sent as ticket)

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