I developped a C# winform application to import rows from firebird db

when compile i have a message from vstudio that can't access to .exe file then an alert message from kaspersky to notice me from an trojan

pls help.

  • I'd suggest to check dlls in individual nuget packages if the issue always arises
    – Pac0
    Jan 27, 2021 at 9:54

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Problem Solved By Changing The Value Of "Generate debug info" to "embedded"


enter image description here


"VHO:Trojan-Ransom.MSIL.Convagent.gen" how is fix

VS 2015

OK, this setting fix. Visual Studio 2015 C# project.


It just happens sometimes. We faced these issues several times with different applications and different antiviruses. Some byte sequence in your program occasionally coincide with known virus ones, so antivirus gives a false-positive actuation. Change something in your program and recompile it - an issue will gone very likely.


Kaspersky it's using the heuristic scan, a technology which checks the code behind for the patterns. Some pieces of the code they are used in the malware programs and it gonna say that they are viruses. I remember that once I've created a service to insert some MySql data for wordpress, he said it's a virus, another time used a geojson to draw a map and it was saying that it's a virus when I've added a piece of code to draw for each city a dot.


I created a .Net Core App in Visual Studio then stripped out Bootstrap, JQuery, some validation scripts and brought it down to basics (3MB btw).

I tried Osman Hal's suggestion of creating an application without a manifest (under project properties) and that worked for a little while but I suspect the problem is there's not enough of a signature of (in my case) a Web Application to recognize as a valid executable.

That said the only true solution is is to exclude the Visual Studio directories from File Scanning.

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