I want to make a function that takes a container T (can be vector, map, list...) as template and a T and a Int as arguments, in this function, we're assuming that T is a container of int, and I want to return the first occurence of the int in the container. Here's the function:

template <class T> int & easyfind(T container, int n)
    typename T<int>::iterator it;

    for (it = container.begin(); it != container.end(); it++)
        if (*it == n)
            return (*it);
    throw (NotFoundException());

But the compiler says "expected a qualified name after 'typename'", and when I replace the typename by class the compiler says "explicit specialization of non-template class 'T'", how can I get this to work?

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    You're assuming that T is a container of int, so you don't have to specify that. T<int>::iterator --> T::iterator.
    – cigien
    Jan 29, 2021 at 22:45
  • Not the answer, but () after throw are superfluous. Jan 29, 2021 at 22:46
  • thanks, i don't know why i thought it didn't work without the <int> but it works
    – Fayeure
    Jan 29, 2021 at 22:48

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T is a type, not a template. You need

typename T::iterator it;

to access its iterator type member.

The reason you see code like


is because std::vector is the name of a template, and you need to specify the template parameter. In your case T is already an instantiation of a template, so there is no need to specify the parameter.

  • thanks, it works, I thought I tested this but I didn't :)
    – Fayeure
    Jan 29, 2021 at 22:50
  • Now it says I can't compare *it with n? why ? isnt operator * returning a reference ?
    – Fayeure
    Jan 29, 2021 at 22:55
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    @Fayeure It depends on the container. If you are using a vector, then it should work. If you are using a map then *it is a std::pair<const key, value>. Jan 29, 2021 at 23:32

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