After copying my solution to a new location, I received this build error

"System.IO.DirectoryNotFoundException: 'C:\Users\<UserName>\source\repos\<SolutionName>\<ProjectName>\Client\bin\Debug\net5.0\wwwroot\'

I am new to Blazor .NET Core, and if I had this kind of problem with a .NET Framework solution, executing Build -> Clean Solution would fix the issue.

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While looking in each project for any reference to the file path in question, I noticed that it was referencing the debug folder in bin, so I deleted the bin folders in each project (Client, Shared, and Server) as well as the obj folders in each project, just in case. This solved the problem. I had, at first tried to "clean" the projects with the clean command in Visual Studio 2019, but this did not work for me.

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    a good old 'Clean' did it for me
    – HelloWorld
    Commented Sep 19, 2023 at 21:05

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