I have implemented basic auth using security with jpa. All my REST-Endpoints can now verify the Authorization header of a client request. The verfication of the password is done by the framework. Now i need to be able to verify a Password with the stored password hash.

With the default configuration the user password is stored as hash with the function BcryptUtil.bcryptHash(String password). How can i check if a given password string matches the stored bcrypt hash value?


I wrote a small utility class that verifies as password string with a bycrpt password hash.

import org.wildfly.security.password.Password;
import org.wildfly.security.password.PasswordFactory;
import org.wildfly.security.password.WildFlyElytronPasswordProvider;
import org.wildfly.security.password.interfaces.BCryptPassword;
import org.wildfly.security.password.util.ModularCrypt;

import io.quarkus.elytron.security.common.BcryptUtil;

public class SecurityUtil {

    public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {

        String bCryptPasswordHash = BcryptUtil.bcryptHash("Password_1");
        String passwordToVerify = "Password_1";

        System.out.println(verifyBCryptPassword(bCryptPasswordHash, passwordToVerify)); // -> true

        System.out.println(verifyBCryptPassword(bCryptPasswordHash, "NotPassword_1")); // --> false


    public static boolean verifyBCryptPassword(String bCryptPasswordHash, String passwordToVerify) throws Exception {

        WildFlyElytronPasswordProvider provider = new WildFlyElytronPasswordProvider();

        // 1. Create a BCrypt Password Factory
        PasswordFactory passwordFactory = PasswordFactory.getInstance(BCryptPassword.ALGORITHM_BCRYPT, provider);

        // 2. Decode the hashed user password
        Password userPasswordDecoded = ModularCrypt.decode(bCryptPasswordHash);

        // 3. Translate the decoded user password object to one which is consumable by this factory.
        Password userPasswordRestored = passwordFactory.translate(userPasswordDecoded);

        // Verify existing user password you want to verify
        return passwordFactory.verify(userPasswordRestored, passwordToVerify.toCharArray());


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