I have two setoids and bisimilar:

Definition of lang_iff:

Definition lang := str -> Prop.
Definition lang_iff (s1 s2: lang): Prop :=
  forall (s: str),
  s \in s1 <-> s \in s2.

The setoid lang_setoid:

Add Parametric Relation: lang lang_iff
  reflexivity proved by lang_iff_refl
  symmetry proved by lang_iff_sym
  transitivity proved by lang_iff_trans as lang_setoid.

Definition of bisimilar:

CoInductive bisimilar : lang -> lang -> Prop :=
  | bisim : forall (P Q: lang),
    -> bisimilar P Q.

The bisimilar_setoid:

Add Parametric Relation: lang bisimilar
  reflexivity proved by bisimilar_refl
  symmetry proved by bisimilar_sym
  transitivity proved by bisimilar_trans as bisimilar_setoid.

These are proven to be equivalent:

Theorem bisimilar_is_equivalence:
  forall (P Q: lang),
  bisimilar P Q <-> lang_iff P Q.

I can manually rewrite between them with some acrobatics, but was wondering if there is a way to help Coq to see that it can rewrite between two setoids and make the following possible without Fail:

Example example_rewriting_using_lang_iff_in_bisimilar:
  forall (P Q: lang)
  (pq: lang_iff P Q),
  bismilar Q P.
Fail rewrite pq.
Fail reflexivity.

The reason for this question is that it is useful to take some steps with coinduction in bisimilar and then resolve an equivalence with lang_iff.

A second part of this question is whether we need to preprove all the morphisms from lang_iff in bimisilar or if there is some command to reuse them?


You can register bisimilar as a morphism for lang_iff:

Add Parametric Morphism : bisimilar
  with signature lang_iff ==> lang_iff ==> iff as bisimilar_lang_morphism.
  intros ?? H ?? H'.
  apply  bisimilar_is_equivalence in H, H'.
  split; intro H0.
  now rewrite <- H, H0.
  now rewrite H, H'.

And now rewriting works in your proof script:

Example example_rewriting_using_lang_iff_in_bisimilar:
  forall (P Q: lang)
  (pq: lang_iff P Q),
  bisimilar Q P.
  rewrite pq.

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