I have a COM+ application that I wrote using C#. I have the assembly strongly named & signed. I want the application to use a library project & a 3rd party dll (log4net) but I don't want to place these in the GAC. The problem is that the COM+ application cannot locate the library dll & the log4net dll because they do not exist in the GAC.

I was reading another stackoverflow post where it was advised to use the "Application Root Directory" along with the application.manifest file. I tried this too, but now I get an error that looks like this:

The COM+ Queued Components Player was unable to create an instance of a Queued Component. CPlayer BindToObject

Any suggestions??


I think I figured out the issue. There was a issue with some of the underlying code in the application, but I was unable to debug it. So, after commenting out the 'ServicedComponent' from the inheritance, I was able to debug my code, found the issue & fixed it.

The answer in this stackoverflow post actually works without registering dlls into GAC.

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