I want to use the count from the JSTL forEach loop, but my code doesnt seem to work.

<c:forEach items="${loopableObject}" var="theObject" varStatus="theCount">
    <div id="divIDNo${theCount}">


<div id="divIDNojavax.servlet.jsp.jstl.core.LoopTagSupport$1Status@5570e2" >

The variable set by varStatus is a LoopTagStatus object, not an int. Use:

<div id="divIDNo${theCount.index}">

To clarify:

  • ${theCount.index} starts counting at 0 unless you've set the begin attribute
  • ${theCount.count} starts counting at 1
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    ${theCount.count} always starts at 1. ${theCount.index} starts at whatever you have set the begin attribute to. e.g. <c:forEach var="foo" items="${bar}" begin="5" varStatus="theCount"> – vegemite4me Aug 22 '13 at 9:23

you'd use any of these:

JSTL c:forEach varStatus properties

Property Getter Description

  • current getCurrent() The item (from the collection) for the current round of iteration.

  • index getIndex() The zero-based index for the current round of iteration.

  • count getCount() The one-based count for the current round of iteration

  • first isFirst() Flag indicating whether the current round is the first pass through the iteration
  • last isLast() Flag indicating whether the current round is the last pass through the iteration

  • begin getBegin() The value of the begin attribute

  • end getEnd() The value of the end attribute

  • step getStep() The value of the step attribute


You can try this. similar result

 <c:forEach items="${loopableObject}" var="theObject" varStatus="theCount">
    <div id="divIDNo${theCount.count}"></div>

Its really helped me to dynamically generate ids of showDetailItem for the below code.

<af:forEach id="fe1" items="#{viewScope.bean.tranTypeList}" var="ttf" varStatus="ttfVs" > 
<af:showDetailItem  id ="divIDNo${ttfVs.count}" text="#{ttf.trandef}"......>

if you execute this line <af:outputText value="#{ttfVs}"/> prints the below:

{index=3, count=4, last=false, first=false, end=8, step=1, begin=0}

  • @HenryKeiter there is a real answer here. Bad formatting just had all the html hidden until I fixed it. – Dan is Fiddling by Firelight Jul 15 '14 at 21:22
  • This provides the exact same answer as was already provided 3 years earlier (use varStatus.count), only much less readable. Why bother reading other people's answers? ;) – rustyx Mar 30 '15 at 20:18

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