I'm using a stack of 2 applications, one with back-office which ask a database and so one, and hosting a websocket server (Java / Spring Boot + React)

The second application is a Python app which need to be notified when an action is in progress on back-office.

So the best solution on my side is websocket, but I'm facing a problem when try to connect on the websocket server using Python.

Here is my code

SpringServer configuration

public void registerStompEndpoints(StompEndpointRegistry stompEndpointRegistry) {

public void configureMessageBroker(MessageBrokerRegistry registry) {
    registry.enableSimpleBroker("/topic", "/queue");

Sring handler

@Scheduled(fixedDelayString = "1000")
public void blastToClientsHostReport() {
    log.debug("Sending something on the websocket");
    messagingTemplate.convertAndSend("/topic/greeting", "Hello World");

public String handle(String message) {
    log.debug("Received message: $message");
    messagingTemplate.convertAndSend("/topic/greeting", message);
    String tm = DateTimeFormatter.ISO_INSTANT.format(Instant.now());
    return "[" + tm + ": " + message + "]";

Python client


# Connecting to websocket
ws = websocket.create_connection("ws://localhost:8080/ws")

# Subscribing to topic
client_id = str(random.randint(0, 1000))
sub = stomper.subscribe("/topic/greeting", client_id, ack='auto')

# Sending some message
ws.send(stomper.send("/app/greeting", "Hello there"))

while True:
    print("Receiving data: ")
    d = ws.recv()

But I got an error Handshake status 200 OK, maybe there is a mistake on my server side configuration. (I try using withSockJS() and without this parameter, it doesn't change anything)

Anyone can help me on this topic ?

Thanks a lot !

  • Update: I also try without stompJS or by adding some Handshake controller, it doesn't change anything – FlorianR Feb 4 at 7:49

I'm still working on this issue, but without can't find a solution to my issue.

I find a part of the solution, which is closest use case that I can do : Python client doesn't receive messages from Spring websocket server (without any answer)

@sampie777 did you find a solution ?

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