I tried to connect Identity server with oracle database. Connection is success but, inside identity server give an error, identity server cannot execute below query but when I execute that query in the oracle SQL developer it successfully execute and give an output. all tables are existing with data.

I think this is occur when I use wrong NuGet package. Please help me to fix this issue.

SELECT c0.Origin FROM IdentityServer.Clients c
INNER JOIN IdentityServer.ClientCorsOrigins c0 ON c.Id = c0.ClientId

This query successfully runs in SQL Developer, but inside identity server I get an error

""SELECT "c0"."Origin" FROM "IdentityServer"."Clients" "c" INNER JOIN "IdentityServer"."ClientCorsOrigins" "c0" ON "c"."Id" = "c0"."ClientId"" 2021-02-03 17:56:45.891 +05:30 [Error] 2021-02-03 17:56:45.891228 ThreadID:4 (ERROR) OracleExecutionStrategy.ExecuteAsync() : Oracle.ManagedDataAccess.Client.OracleException (0x80004005): ORA-00942: table or view does not exist

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