I'm trying to use the ColumnTransformer of scikitlearn.
Here's what I have :

median_imputer = SimpleImputer(strategy = 'median')
mean_imputer = SimpleImputer(strategy = 'mean')

ct = ColumnTransformer([("LotFrontage", median_imputer, X_train.LotFrontage), ("MasVnrArea", median_imputer, X_train.MasVnrArea), ("GarageYrBlt", median_imputer, X_train.GarageYrBlt)])

imputed_X_train = pd.DataFrame(ct.fit_transform(X_train))

But this doesn't seem to work and I get the following ValueError about the fit_transform function:
"No valid specification of the columns. Only a scalar, list or slice of all integers or all strings, or boolean mask is allowed"
What did I do wrong ?

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You are passing the actual column data for the third element of each triple (X_train.LotFrontage etc.). You should instead pass the name of the column(s) [there are other options, see the docs], e.g.

ct = ColumnTransformer([
    ("med_imp", median_imputer, ["LotFrontage", "MasVnrArea"]),
    ("mean_imp", mean_imputer, ["GarageYrBlt"])

(Since imputers operate on 2D inputs, you need to provide a list of columns. And I've grouped two together and used your mean_imputer just to make the example a little more complex.)

  • And what is the use of the name ? for example where does "med_imp" come into play ? Commented Feb 10, 2021 at 13:56
  • From the documentation: "Like in Pipeline and FeatureUnion, this allows the transformer and its parameters to be set using set_params and searched in grid search." You also get the fitted transformers available in named_transformers_, which is dictionary-esque, with those names as the keys. Finally, get_feature_names prepends the transformed column names with the transformer names. Commented Feb 10, 2021 at 15:21

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