Is there an option to show only failed tests? I had to switch to use Guitar to achieve this, but I miss command line tool.

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I ran into the same issue - as I'm sure many other people have. So I created this:


Should be pretty much paste and play.


There are two ways to achieve this.

first one is to write your own event listener:


Another way is to filter the input the googletest event listener receives.

For this approache you remove the current event listener and exchange it with your own

testing::TestEventListeners& listeners = testing::UnitTest::GetInstance()->listeners();
testing::TestEventListener* listener = listeners.Release(listeners.default_result_printer());
listeners.Append(new FailurePrinter(listener));

where FailurePrinter is your own event listener class.

This class should look like this

class FailurePrinter : public ::testing::TestEventListener {

FailurePrinter(TestEventListener* listener) : TestEventListener() {_listener = listener;}

virtual void OnTestProgramStart(const UnitTest& unit_test);
virtual void OnTestIterationStart(const UnitTest& unit_test, int iteration);
virtual void OnEnvironmentsSetUpStart(const UnitTest& unit_test);
virtual void OnEnvironmentsSetUpEnd(const UnitTest& unit_test);
virtual void OnTestCaseStart(const TestCase& test_case);
virtual void OnTestStart(const TestInfo& test_info);
virtual void OnTestPartResult(const TestPartResult& result);
virtual void OnTestEnd(const TestInfo& test_info);
virtual void OnTestCaseEnd(const TestCase& test_case);
virtual void OnEnvironmentsTearDownStart(const UnitTest& unit_test);
virtual void OnEnvironmentsTearDownEnd(const UnitTest& unit_test);
virtual void OnTestIterationEnd(const UnitTest& unit_test, int iteration);
virtual void OnTestProgramEnd(const UnitTest& unit_test);

testing::TestEventListener* _listener;

Now you have to implement all the methods.

If you like the way googles event listener prints something, just delegate the call to the _listener.

Or you can modify the result. For example:

void FailurePrinter::OnTestPartResult(const TestPartResult& test_part_result)
  if (test_part_result.failed())

will only print Testfailures.


There is a built-in solution for this now:

your_test_binary --gtest_brief=1

See also the documentation. There is also the GTEST_BRIEF environment variable to configure this.


I wrote Google Test Pretty Printer, a test listener / pretty printer for Google Test, to provide cleaner and more attractive console output for Google Test programs. It includes a --failures-only option that should do what you want.


If you want a quick and dirty Python 2/3 solution for only failed tests, with no external dependencies: https://gist.github.com/DTasev/a894e4727eeaa94541d90ea1a3cc71a7. It will show failed test + its output. Instruction to use in docstring at the top of file

It requires gtest's default output, so if you've changed that it won't work.


According to the documentation you can change output using Test Events. Look here (there is also an example): https://github.com/google/googletest/blob/master/googletest/docs/advanced.md#extending-googletest-by-handling-test-events

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