how can I create a "quasi" MVC integration test in Spring Boot. I would like to use my real implementation of a service, but I can't mange to do it. How can I inject real implementation instead of a mock. My classes look like this

public class DashboardController {

    private final RolesManagerService rolesManagerService;
    private final ServletRequestManagerService servletRequestManagerService;

    @GetMapping({"/", "/dashboard"})
    public String index(Model model, HttpServletRequest httpServletRequest) {
        model.addAttribute("canAddNewOrder", rolesManagerService.canRoleAccessApplicationPart(servletRequestManagerService.getRole(httpServletRequest), ApplicationPart.CREATE_NEW_ORDER));
        model.addAttribute("var", "test");
        return "dashboard";

and the test

@WebMvcTest(controllers = DashboardController.class)
class IndexControllerTest {

    private MockMvc mockMvc;

    private UserDetailsService userDetailsService;

    RolesManagerService rolesManagerService;
    private ServletRequestManagerService servletRequestManagerService;

    void testDashboard() throws Exception {
                .andExpect(model().attribute("var", equalTo("test")))
                .andExpect(model().attribute("canAddNewOrder", equalTo(false)))


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Generally WebMvcTest will not create a full Spring context with all components (Service etc) injected, but only the Controller you define. Either use a full SpringBootTest, or add something like this in your WebMvcTest class:

static class AdditionalTestConfig {
    public RolesManagerService getService() {
        return new RolesManagerService();
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    key phrase is "in your WebMvcTest class", not just in same file. Great solution to a common problem
    – TimCO
    Mar 21 at 20:21
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    Very useful and resolved a similar problem for me. Thanks @Lars Westergren!
    – MiB
    Apr 25 at 11:41

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