Please let me know if I am doing anything wrong here.
I am unable to understand the difference between these 2 statements, while finding the height of binary tree.

if (root==NULL)   return -1;  


if (root->left==NULL && root->right==NULL)  return 0;

The first statement is giving me accurate result but if I use the second one it is throwing this error "Process returned -1073741819 (0xC0000005) execution time : 2.195 s".

Following is the code :

int bstHeight(bstNode* root)
    //if (root==NULL)   return -1;
    //if (root->left==NULL && root->right==NULL) return 0;

        int lh = bstHeight(root->left);
        int rh = bstHeight(root->right);
        return (lh>rh)? lh+1:rh+1;
  • Try give as a minimal working example. – Spyros Mourelatos Feb 5 at 6:38
  • What do you understand about those lines? How would you describe what they do? – JaMiT Feb 5 at 6:41
  • Code I'm working on is this . Just comment out one of the if statement in bstHeight function. – spoiicy Feb 5 at 7:03

The first one protects against NULL anywhere, in root directly and indirectly via recursion in left and right.
The second is vulnerable against root being NULL, it potentially derferences a NULL, which plausibly gets you the observed error message.

  • correct me if i am wrong . You are saying that it is possible that ROOT can come out to be NULL making ROOT---> Left and ROOT----> Right undefined , resulting in error . But in this code can you please tell me where ROOT is coming out to be NULL. – spoiicy Feb 5 at 7:17
  • 2
    @spoiicy is difficult to tell without a minimal reproducible example but at a guess one of left and right is null resulting in root being null when you recurse – Alan Birtles Feb 5 at 7:27
  • Thanks guys for solving my problem. After doing a bit of simulation of the recursion there was in fact a NULL value being dereferenced , resulting in program giving error. Once again thank u for helping this noob programmer. – spoiicy Feb 5 at 7:53
  • My pleasure and it is very good to be aware of your own level of experience, but do not be too hard on yourself. – Yunnosch Feb 5 at 7:55
  • Please provide the value of root for each of the lines of main() in your linked code. That will make pinpointing the problem easier. I guess it should be NULL just before the last line, but that needs to be confirmed and traced back to either the init line or one of the others. Use a debugger for that or generous debug output statement instrumenation. – Yunnosch Feb 5 at 9:00

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