i am using the DataType Time in my database it stores the data in the form as 01:23:14.0000000. i am using dateTime controls of sWt as

DateTime dateTime = new DateTime(cmpGrid, SWT.BORDER | SWT.TIME);

i can save the Value of DateTime easily as

String hours =String.valueOf(timeTo.getHours());
String minutes =String.valueOf(timeTo.getMinutes());
String seconds =String.valueOf(timeTo.getSeconds());
objhallModel.setClose_time(hours + ":"+minutes + ":" + seconds);

For Editting purpose i need to set The time value in my design view For that i want to use

dateTime.setTime(hours, minutes, seconds);

it takes all hours, minutes, second in integer... can please anybody tell me how to set The time in DateTime of Database time value. thanks in advance

  • Not sure whether you want to set time into a DateTime from a Time, or into a Time from a DateTime. – sudocode Jul 7 '11 at 8:38
  • on a side note imho it's not very convenient to store the date/time this way. you should store unix timestamp instead. if you want this column to be human-readable, then store 2 columns - one is in time format like you already have and another one in timestamp format – denis.solonenko Jul 7 '11 at 8:47

I think you are using org.eclipse.swt.widgets.DateTime in your user interface and java.sql.Time to store in your database.

I note that the javadoc of Time says:

The date components should be set to the "zero epoch" value of January 1, 1970 and should not be accessed.

Therefore, I think you should set it as follows:

DateTime dateTime; // you have this already

Calendar calendar = Calendar.getInstance();
calendar.setTimeInMillis(0); // set to zero epoch
calendar.set(Calendar.HOUR, dateTime.getHours());
calendar.set(Calendar.MINUTE, dateTime.getMinutes());
calendar.set(Calendar.SECOND, dateTime.getSeconds());

Time time = new Time(calendar.getTimeInMillis());

The reverse operation (maybe this is what you want, I wasn't sure from your question) would be:

Time time; // you have this from your Database query
DateTime dateTime; // you have this already or will create a new one

Calendar calendar = Calendar.getInstance();
dateTime.setTime(calendar.get(Calendar.HOUR), calendar.get(Calendar.MINUTE),calendar.get(Calendar.SECOND));
  • the reverse operation is the one i was looking.thank you, thank you, thank you........i appreciate for ur answer – Dinup Kandel Jul 7 '11 at 10:37

First get the date from the database - Date date = resultset.getDate(int) or resultset.getDate(String), then

String hr = String.valorOf(date.getHours());
String min = String.valorOf(date.getMinutes());
String sec = String.valorOf(date.getSeconds());

Now you have the hour, minutes and the seconds.

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